FSrealWX - Weather AddOn for Flightsimulators FS2004, FSX, P3D and Xplane

FSrealWX 3.0 / XPrealWX v3 - XPlane 10/11

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First download and install XPrealWXv3.
XPrealwxv3 must be installed in XPlane10 / 11 under Resources / Plugins. for example D: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ plugins

Then download and install FSrealWX 3.0.
If you also have FSX or Prepar3D installed, then you can install the 64-bit version of FSrealWX 3.0. FSrealWX 3.0 can then be used for all flight simulators.
If you only have XPlane and / or FS2004 installed, then you have to install FSrealWX 3.0 FS9 / Xplane because you do not have the SimConnect extension.

You've downloaded both addons FSrealWX 3.0 and XprealWXv3 and installed, then the server / client need adjustments.

For this we start first XPlane and set the IP and port.
In the menu of XPlane we can make the settings.
XPlane Menu -> Plugins -> XPrealWXv3 -> Options
Then we should see this window.

Now we choose the IP. is the localhost. is selected when Xplane and FSrealWX 3.0 are running on the same computer.
Should FSrealWX 3.0 run on a different machine than the computer of XPlane, then we select the default IP. In my case
How to assign your computer a static IP is described here.
So does not always change the IP of FSrealWX 3.0.

The same IP and the same port must also be entered in FSrealWX 3.0.
FSrealWXv3 -> Settings -> Interface

Now you have to set the path of Xplane.
If XPlane is running on another computer, then you have to share the XPlane folder for the network.

Now you set the weather mode. Xplane can read the weather from the files. metar.rwx and global wind.
To do so, switch to "Weather file".

If "Direct" is selected then the weather is written directly and a global weather is created. In Xplane only global weather can be written, unlike FSX / Prepar3D every single station can be set with weather data.

If you have made these settings, then you can start the server (XPrealWXv3 -> Start Server).

Next, the client (FSrealWX 3.0) must be started and connected to XPrealWX.
Click on the button (Connect) in the toolbar to establish the connection.

If FSrealWX 3.0 has connected to XPrealWXv3, then this message must be displayed in XPlane.

If you find an error, then please give me exactly about your system. Which sim (FSX / P3D / Xplane). Which connection (FSUIPC / SimConnect / FSrealWX-Bridge). Which OS.
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