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Weather not loading correctly - details

3 years 1 month ago #2820 by indianajones
I started at TJSJ - +TSTRM, heavy rain, overcast. Flew less than 100 miles with several cloud layers, many types, all working perfectly. Ended flight. Selected another aircraft. Same METAR but now I get everything except rain. Continued with flight. Once above the overcast, I noticed very few clouds in vicinity. Started over. Only got overcast.

Selected KJAX 242350Z 29025G33KT 1 1/2SM +TSRA SCT030CB BKN047 BKN085 OVC150 . Weather is clear, visibility 50 miles.

At both airports I tried download weather, set wx, disconnect FSrealWx, cycle FSrealWX, cycle both FSrealWx and FS9 - everything except changing any settings in either.

Now sat on rwy at KJAX for more than 30 min to let FSrealWx cycle through download/update automatically twice. Same/similar METAR showing but new weather is wind 311, visibility 30 miles.

When FSrealWX works, I LOVE it! When this happens, I'm very disappointed. :-(

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #2821 by SilloAdmin
Looks to me that dynamic weather is turned on.

I only have a picture of the German FS9.

Found on the net in English.

Dynamic weather must be set to "zero / no changes"

If you find an error, then please give me exactly about your system. Which sim (FSX / P3D / Xplane). Which connection (FSUIPC / SimConnect / FSrealWX-Bridge). Which OS.
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