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FSrealWX not connecting to FSX

4 years 5 months ago #2069 by Scutty
Dear team

I have used FSrealWX with great joy for a longer period and just yesterday, after installing a new airplane (Realair)
After starting FSX i got an error message that FSX is having trouble with FSUIPC.
so I installed the latest version of FSUIPC and that was fine,,,!

yet, as soon as I started FSrealWX 2 or FSrealWX v3 i got no connection to the sim.
the download of the weather was fine, it just not connected to FSX.
(even after reinstalling FSrealWS)

I got all setting and install folders on standard (FSX SP1 + SP2, Latest FSUIPC)
Tried all Connect types (FSUIPC & SimConnect)
C:\Program Files (x86)\FSrealWX_Pro
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X

is there a way to get my connection back?
Is there a way to manually to change a setting to force of check a connection or path,

I was contemplating using FSrealWXv3 but I could not even connect with that, though it does have more settings in the settings menu.

Thanks in advance
4 years 5 months ago #2070 by SilloAdmin
Oh, that does not sound good.
Please download and run Weatherset2 from Pete Downson.
Is only to test whether FSUIPC works.
You can connect to the FSX only "Simconnect" without FSUIPC. But FSUIPC should run.
Start FSX and FSrealWX with admin rights.

If you find an error, then please give me exactly about your system. Which sim (FSX / P3D / Xplane). Which connection (FSUIPC / SimConnect / FSrealWX-Bridge). Which OS.
4 years 5 months ago #2080 by Scutty
Well I managed to connect FSrealWX !!!

i used a registry cleaner in order to ensure that there is no residue possibly interfering with a re installation

I have updated the Redistributable for Visual Studio ( available on this site)

I left the processes running for VisioStudio running (processes In Task manager) (just in case)..

than I reinstalled FSUIPC
than I reinstalled FSrealWX

tried to connect to simconnect a couple of times... Worked!
tried to connect to FSUIPC & SimConnect and it worked!!!

well, this is how it worked for me, hope this helps any body else
Thanks to the team for a for a fantastic weather tool.
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