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FSrealWX Bridge no connected to FSX SE

4 years 1 week ago #2578 by joeinthesky
I have been trying to set up FSrealWX to run on a two computer system.
Computer #1 is running Flight Simulator X Steam Edition setup with Win 7 with all the recommended Microsoft software downloads/upgrades. Computer #1 has the latest License version of FSUIPC with WideFS installed.

Computer #2 is running FSrealWX 3 and Panel Builder setup with Win 7 with all the recommended Microsoft software downloads/upgrades.

Panel Builder was installed on computer #2 before the installation of FSrealWX 3.0. Panel Builder uses simPluginsFSX and simPluginsFSUIPC. Panel Builder is functioning properly with no issues.

I installed FSrealWX 3.0 on computer #2 to the following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ FSrealWX

I installed FSrealWX-Pro Bridge on computer #1 to the following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ steam\ steamapps\ Common \ FSX\ FSrealWX Pro Bridge

It appears that FSrealWX 3.0 (computer #2) is running correctly. It can get METARS and local weather when the airport identifier is put in. Computer #2 runs slow when FSrealWX is running.

It appears that FSrealWX 3.0 on computer #2 is connecting with FSrealWX-Pro Bridge on computer #1 but FSrealWX-Pro Bridge is not connecting with FSX SE.


Do you have a tutorial that outlines how the set FSrealWX on two Computers?

If the software is installed correctly on the computers why is FS not connecting?

What are the correct FSrealWX programs to be used on computers 1 & 2?

Where is the correct location to install the FSrealWX software on computers 1 & 2?

Could I install a version of FSrealWX as a 64bit program at C:\Program Files\ FSrealWX and would that help Computer # 2 run faster?

I have several screen shots from both computers as they were running and I can send them to you if you think they would be helpful.
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